How To Volunteer With Us

Do you have a passion for Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
Do you see the abuse the breed goes through?
Do you feel you want to help make a change?
Then you have come to the right place. We need volunteers to help run the charity effectively. We need volunteers to help at events, this would require you to attend the events and represent RF1M by selling raffle tickets, merchandise or educating people in the true nature of a Staffordshire bull terrier.
We also need volunteers to help collect donations from the public, online car boot selling or helping out at the office. Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to get fit? We have many dogs that love to be taken on walks, why not get fit and give one of the dogs a walking companion.
Maybe you have a special talent that could be used as a fundraising idea.
If you have answered yes to any of the above and have a little time to spare then we would love to hear from you. We love expanding the RF1M group and would love to welcome you as a new volunteer, you will be doing something that will dramatically change the life of a dog, meet new friends and be proud you are doing something that is positive for the breed.




I was approached by a lady that wanted to rehome her Staffy as she hadn't long had a baby and couldn't cope. I wanted to help with situation and didn't know where to turn. I contacted the lovely Room For One more Staffy who promptly liased with the lady and told her what she needed to do. Within a short time Room For One More Staffy found the dog a foster which became her new home. I will always be very grateful to everyone involved who looked out for this lovely dog, the RF1M team have been responsible for many happy endings and have saved so many dogs lives. Such wonderful people and true champions of the breed.
Zara xx
Room For One More are a passionate rescue committed to saving the lives of a very precious breed. As one of their fosterer's I have been very fortunate to meet some lovely people who were there to provide support and advice around the clock. Veterinary treatment that I requested for the foster dogs I cared for was never refused and all of the dogs received everything that they needed to become healthy and balanced; ready to be integrated into loving family homes. It is wonderful to see Room For One More flourishing, saving more and more special angels who without them may not be here. I can't thank Room For One More enough for helping me to meet my soul mate 'Faith', and for making my family complete. The love of a Staffie is priceless and I can't imagine life without my baby now. Thank you RF1M, the dedication from this rescue is outstanding.
Steph Riches

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