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We need your help!!!

Everyday we are contacted by people telling us about Staffords in need. These are dogs that are on “death row” in the pound, victims of relationship break ups, house moves or being rehomed because they have behavioural issues, there’s a baby on the way or occassionally, owner has passed away.

It breaks our hearts to turn dogs away but if we don’t have the funds to support them then we cannot offer them our support. We can’t tell the vet we have no money to pay him if a dog falls ill or expect owners of kennels to let us have them for free!! Kennel and vet fees, dog food and pet supplies are expensive.

We rely on donations from the public and our own fundraising efforts to survive. We understand that times are hard at the moment for everyone but if you are as passionate about dogs, especially staffies as we are then you could help us to help them by donating a small amount each month.

How much? All we ask for is a donation of £5 per month, if you want to donate more please do!! Every penny will go towards helping the dogs and the more funds we get the more staffies we can help. You can donate for as long as you want to.

What do I get?

  • For £5 per month you will get:
  • A RF1M Trolley Token
  • A RF1M Wristband
  • A 6 month newsletter letting you know how your donations are being used and what dogs you’re helping.
  • Invitation to our yearly supporters celebration

  • How? If you would like to proceed with sponsorship please request a sponsor application form from us, fill out the details and send back to us. We prefer Standing orders to direct debits, bank details for the standing order are on the application form.

    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support. Best wishes from all of the volunteers and dogs at Room for One More Stafford Rescue!!


Room For One More are a passionate rescue committed to saving the lives of a very precious breed. As one of their fosterer's I have been very fortunate to meet some lovely people who were there to provide support and advice around the clock. Veterinary treatment that I requested for the foster dogs I cared for was never refused and all of the dogs received everything that they needed to become healthy and balanced; ready to be integrated into loving family homes. It is wonderful to see Room For One More flourishing, saving more and more special angels who without them may not be here. I can't thank Room For One More enough for helping me to meet my soul mate 'Faith', and for making my family complete. The love of a Staffie is priceless and I can't imagine life without my baby now. Thank you RF1M, the dedication from this rescue is outstanding.
Steph Riches
Room for 1 more. A truly inspirational rescue for a dog that has become an easy target for abuse within society. I always remember the owner along time before this rescue was even thought of. She gave a very abused traumed little girl the most wonderful life when at times it was very challenging. Bess was a very lucky girl whom of which most would have given up on. She surely must have been the seed of room for one more! She is amazing xxx
Louise Hutton

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