Introduction For New Dog

Bringing Your New Dog Home

Some tips on how to introduce a dog into your home (obviously there's lots of different ways and people may have some of their own opinions but these may be helpful!)

1) Determine where your dog will be spending most of his/her time I.e kitchen and ensure the area is all ready with a crate/bed depending what you will use and food/water bowls. Bring some blankets with your dogs scent on from the shelter he/she has come from.

2) Don't let your dog come bounding into the house on the first day you pick him/her up. Slowly take the dog with their lead on into the area they will be staying.

3) Dog proof the area they are staying so tape any electrical cables, store items that could be dangerous on high shelves etc.

4) If you want to restrict your dog from certain areas of the home for example upstairs, then baby gate the dog from that area. Make sure a baby gate is up before you bring the dog home.

5) Keep to a strict routine for food /walking at the same time every day. Don't introduce your dog to too many people in those first few days. Get your dog used to the familiar faces who he/she will see every day.

6) Leave your dog alone for a short period at a time in those first fe weeks. Give them a big chew toy or long in their safe area/bed and don't make a big deal of leaving. Pop to the shops or out for a coffee so your dog gets used to time along and feels reassured that you'll always return. Rescue dogs may suffer from separation anxiety so this needs to be built up very slowly.

7)Continue reward based training and teaching them commands like sit, paw etc using treats. Find a command word like 'outside' or 'ewe' when they are needing the toilet and treat them for doing their business in the correct area. Rescue dogs will possibly have had a few different homes plus their shelter where they would have maybe done their business inside or not have been rewarded for this so it's up to the new owner to make their own rules and keep them up!

8) Be calm, consistent and patient. It will take time to get a new dog used to a new home. Keep things simple and routined for a while!

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