Adoption and Foster Policy

Foster Policy

1. Fosterers must be over 21 years of age.

2. Children must be over 5 years of age, however we reserve the right to use our discretion regarding this as each dog/family is very individual.

3. At least one homecheck will be carried out prior to any decision being made to place a dog. It is essential that each dog is placed into an environment which is suitable for him/her.

4. Fosterers must keep in regular communication with RF1M.

5. The dog must not be kept outside.

6. The dog must not be left alone for long periods.

7. The dog will be neutered (therefore cannot be bred from), micro chipped, vaccinated, flea'd and wormed prior to being rehomed therefore has every chance of having all of these procedures whilst in foster and will need to be cared for properly.

8. Any existing pets must be neutered and up to date with vaccinations and we will require evidence as we promote responsible pet ownership.

9. The fosterer must never use choke chain, shock or prong collars.

10. Under no circumstances whilst being fostered is any RF1M dog permitted to be off lead in any public place.

11. Children must have a healthy respect of the dog, give the dog space and must not tease the dog.

12. Rf1m will give as much information as we can about each dog but we do not always have the history of a dog so although assessed by us we cannot guarantee the temperament/behavior and/or health of a dog.

13. Potential fosterers must take any advice we offer on board and work with our support to the best of their ability.

14. We actively encourage fosterers to keep in touch with us as we are always here to offer guidance and support as much as we are able.

15. We carry out regular home checks.

16. Potential fosterers must be willing to travel to area DY9 for meets and greets.

19. Puppies will be subject to additional policy requirements which will be issued as necessary.

Adoption Policy


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